Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Update on Grad School

Well, I'm taking a sort of usual Minnesota sequence of courses it seems. I'm in micro, macro, and probability with measure in the math dept. From other people on Testmagic, this seems like a lighter course load (no metrics for example). But, Minnesota is a little different I think, as nobody is taking more than three classes at once. Maybe this is why the pass rate on the prelims is quite high.

In other news, I think my loyal reader (Adam) will be happy to find that investing heavily in math as an undergrad pays off big time. I know that last semester of topology especially has made it so that math doesn't phase me. I'm sure that measure will do the same for you.

On a side note... the econ-blogging community has gone through some insane changes over the past three years! Chris is an accountant, Kerry is a professional, and Passey is something new every few days. Seeing as I have never been an especially productive blogger, I think I will officially put this thing to rest. I'll still keep up with everyone elses, and one day maybe my website will have useful stuff: