Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Update on Grad School

Well, I'm taking a sort of usual Minnesota sequence of courses it seems. I'm in micro, macro, and probability with measure in the math dept. From other people on Testmagic, this seems like a lighter course load (no metrics for example). But, Minnesota is a little different I think, as nobody is taking more than three classes at once. Maybe this is why the pass rate on the prelims is quite high.

In other news, I think my loyal reader (Adam) will be happy to find that investing heavily in math as an undergrad pays off big time. I know that last semester of topology especially has made it so that math doesn't phase me. I'm sure that measure will do the same for you.

On a side note... the econ-blogging community has gone through some insane changes over the past three years! Chris is an accountant, Kerry is a professional, and Passey is something new every few days. Seeing as I have never been an especially productive blogger, I think I will officially put this thing to rest. I'll still keep up with everyone elses, and one day maybe my website will have useful stuff:



Blogger Ryan McDevitt said...

Good luck. Sounds like you're in good shape. My two cents: it's better to take fewer classes than more during the first year. You can always make up for lost time after you've passed all the prelims.

October 15, 2006 at 10:18 AM  
Blogger Adam M Osman said...

Man I've been freaking out. Glad to see you are calm. Micro is damn hard.

Anyway I did you place out of stats or something and that is why you are taking the prob course? And with one sentence you made me decide to take topology next semester. Thanks (at least the grade won't matter).

Do you have free time? Studying constantly? Just curious what its like. Also I heard Minn has a decent Labor subgroup doing some good work. Who know, if its true maybe I'll see you next year and you could give me all the answers...

And I guess now I will have to find a ned blog to take the place of yours on my firefox favorites tab... Any suggestions?

Good luck on your exams!

October 18, 2006 at 11:29 PM  

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