Sunday, April 10, 2005

Economics Education

Why is it a necessity for college students to be able to write research papers, but not understand basic economics?

I was in an honors class a few weeks ago when the discussion turned to organic farming. Everyone agreed that they would rather buy organic (not sure why...) but that it was too expensive. So a girl says, "Well if everybody would switch to organic, that would lower the price and it would become affordable." I should have let this slide and continued to doodle, but I had to say something. I'm sure I came off as an asshole, but honestly, a 1/2 semester seminar in econ should be mandatory (says the person who one day hopes to teach economics... no conflict of interest here!)


I can't wait to get this book! Steven Levitt has the most interesting ideas out there and he's finally doing a book for the general audience. I heard him on NPR, so hopefully people pick it up in droves. There is also a website,

Also, Dr. Tabarrok came to BSU a few weeks back and had lunch with the econ club (turned out to be just me). He discussed a paper that he had about bounty hunters and bail, which was great because bail has been something that interests me for a while now. I read the paper, but I didn't get to see the presentation. I also cannot seem to make impressions on people. I really wanted to come off as intelligent and interesting, but I just can't bring myself to talk, especially when professors are talking. Not a good thing.

We had a pirate party last weekend. It was awesome. I cut my head with my fingernail trying to karate chop my friend and it was in the shape of an integral symbol. Coincidence? I think not.