Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Classes Begin

Well, classes have started again here at BSU right on time, despite the ice storm that left 70,000+ without electricity. About 90% have gotten power back, but guess who hasn't. And I still have to go to classes. And work. Without shaving. I look like Grizzly Freakin' Adams here.

But, I did get in to Partial Diff EQ's. I really loved Diff EQ's last semester. I'm also in Calc III and Discrete Systems, so this is officially the most math I've had in a single semester. Things just may get hectic!

Here is a diff eq that I am working with to model a demand curve that includes network effects:
dy/dp = [1-f(p)y]g(p) where y is the proportion of the population that has purchased a good and f(p)y < 1 and g(p) < 0. You solve this, then multiply by the population to get a traditional demand curve. Or at least I think this works. I just came up with it after looking at the Riccati Equation I studied last semester.


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