Sunday, December 26, 2004

Post Christmas Update

Well, I got three kick ass books for Christmas this year!

1. Five Golden Rules, this is a math book about the most important mathematical discoveries of the 20th century. Covers the fixed-point theorem, simplex, mini-max... others. I've read the fixed-point stuff and some of the simplex so far. I'm enjoying it.

2. America: The Book, No math, just hilarious.

3. A new collection of Dave Eggers short stories. I loved BWSG and I find him much better in small short story sized doses.

I also posed the following puzzle to my girlfriend's little brother:
Two (non-parallel) lines intersect at a point. Three can intersect at up to three points. How many intersections are possible if you have five lines? Ten? An arbitrary number, "n"? I just came up with this little puzzle, seems kind of neat.


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