Saturday, December 18, 2004

I Can't Believe It...

Finals are over! After not going to my computer program since the midterm, I stumbled into the room at 7:30 Thursday morning and probably got a B- or so on the test... that would put my grade at around a B+ I think. Stupid programming.

Then today at 7:30 AM I had my math finance final. I am glad that class is over. Four days a week, 8AM... I missed an average of 1.3 classes a week. I think I should end up with a good grade in there.

And finally, the mother of all finals, my differential equations take home. Four problems, 100 points, and 8 hours of work. My hands are cramped from the algebra and my brain is putty from Laplace transforming a bunch of shit. Not fun, my friends, not fun.

So anyways, I hope everybody else had equally enjoyable finals.


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