Wednesday, November 03, 2004

A lighter note...

Tried two beers last night during the coverage- Lost Coast 8-Ball stout and a Unibroue (can't remember the name...). A lot of people really like Lost Coast brews, especially Old Rasputin, but I just can't get in to any of them. For me the best Imperial Stout is Bell's Expedition and the best stout in general... probably Bell's Kalamazoo or Dogfish Head's Chicory.

On economics news, I think I was able to convince some people to try for a mathematical economics degree today at the department info session! This is good, since I hear a lot of people say they are somewhat interested in grad school and our department sometimes pushes the liberal arts option as a grad prep degree. I've set up a coffee hour every Monday with the econ club (yes, we have one and I'm the president... w00t!) so maybe we'll get more majors through that.


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