Sunday, October 31, 2004

Football, Beer, and Economics

On the slate for today:

1. Watch the Colts try to come back after the loss that took them out of first place last Sunday.

2. Try the bottle of Franzikaner Dunkel Hefe-Weizen I bought last night. I love hefeweizens in general ever since I was in Austria this past summer, but I've only had one dunkel (dark) hefeweizen. If you've never had a hefeweizen, I suggest you try Berghoff's for a very authentic German take on the style at a non-import price.

3. Finally, need to work on my differential equation project. I'm going to try to apply dynamic programming to the Richardson Arms Race model, but I'm far from being able to do so as of today. Instead I need to just learn the techniques to solve systems of non-homogeneous differential equations and go from there.


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