Sunday, October 31, 2004


Football: bad, Colts lost, defense is porous like the Afghan border.

Beer: Drinking the Franzikaner Dunkel-Weizen right now. I'm really liking it, especially after the bad experience I had with this style while in Germany. It must have just been a bad bottle. But this is excellent, really yeasty, malty but spicy, and drinking from my liter lager mug is great.

Economics: Didn't even get around to the Richardson model, did some stuff on differential operators (as exciting as it sounds, believe me). Then watched a movie and discussed politics with my father. His current theory: Kerry will win, but only because of the New York Times and CBS and the general liberal bias of the media. I wonder if he read the Paul Krugman editorial and misunderstood what Krugman was saying, or if Fox News is already using this explanation...


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