Monday, November 21, 2005

Quick Update

I just saw that Adam hit 100 posts, so I felt like I should put something on this page! I'll just do a run down of what the application process is like:

1. My letter-writers are working on their letters. I made the mistake of printing tons of paper forms for them to fill out, which took forever, since I had to put a lot of info on each one. Then one of the profs told me he liked the online form better, so I switched to that one for just about every letter.

2. My statement of purpose is almost done. I will alter it for each school, of course, but the basic ideas will stay the same.

3. I finished my presentation on dynamic programming in the math dept. I wanted to do a lot of interesting proofs, but I barely had enough time to get through the basic ideas and one example! I am presenting it again for the econ dept. where I will include some discussion of the Howard Improvement Algorithm, etc.

4. I'm working on my senior thesis. I want to have the basic model and conclusions finished to send in with my application. I have the model worked out (labor responses to terrorist threat), from which I am able to draw a handful of seemingly obvious conclusions, but nothing exciting. I think my expanded model will be more interesting (include capital, two countries), but I have no idea how to approach solving it. I will try to get the thing done and somehow posted on here.


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