Sunday, September 11, 2005

The Curse of High Dimensions

Every time one of my professors is working and we get a problem that needs more than three dimensions, I can see a flash of defeat on their face. They have all of this abstract knowledge, but our puny three dimensions keep them back!

In related news, I think this is impossible to draw:

X is a generic set, with d(x,y) = 1 if x!=y and d(x,y)=0 if x=y for all x and y in X. My brain can only get up to 3-D and see that it could not work. In two dimensions, I can get it so that four points are one unit apart, but it seems impossible to get any more.

And, finally, Tucher Hefeweizen this weekend. I love the spicy flavor of dark hefeweizens. I like Franziskaner's much more (my favorite in the style), but Tucher was OK. I think I'm gonna make some pumkin bread and drink a Franziskaner at some point this fall... mmm, pumpkin and beer.


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