Friday, February 11, 2005

Google Scholar

I don't know if anybody has used this, but Google Scholar is the best thing ever. Ok... not better than oatmeal stout or IPA... but it kicks sliced bread's ass. Check it out.

Also, Discrete Systems is my biatch. I tore it up on the last test, 99% A+. Proof by induction, logic, stuff like that. Puzzle:

Let S(n) = Sqrt[2 + Sqrt[S(n-1)]], with S(0) = Sqrt[2]. Show that this screwy thing is increasing. I think I got it.

Idea: Ebay buyer model with price search ala Sargent's Dynamic Macro. I got it written down, but it doesn't look like anything special.

I feel cocky today.

Something I learned today: the definition of a metric space. Is an encyclopedia of cool math stuff.


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